Reasons to Use Psychology Treatments for Phobias

Many people have some form of phobia. In a small number of cases, those phobias can cause clinical distress that makes life difficult. When the things that scare you prevent you from meeting the demands of day to day life, it's time to start looking at psychology treatments. Here are some reasons to use psychology to treat your phobias.

Regaining Control of Your Life

Treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) gradually expose you to the thing that scares you. For example, if you have a fear of flying, you may start by discussing planes, then go to look at a plane, and eventually step into one. If your fear of flying prevents you from commuting to other offices, using CBT could help you gain control of your working life. The same gradual exposure CBT offers can prove useful for many elements of your life.

Connecting with Others

Having a phobia can often feel isolating, especially when you feel that those around you do not understand. Group therapy sessions are a great opportunity for you to meet others who share the same fears. When you connect with others, you'll feel less alone and you may discover new ways to break through your fears. Building new connections can help you feel more at ease with yourself, as you'll realise that your phobia doesn't make you unusual.

Avoiding Medications

Although medications aren't always excluded when it comes to phobias, they're not a first-line treatment. Using psychology treatments addresses the phobia at its core. While there is no shame in taking medications, being able to address an issue at its core gives you a level of freedom that taking medications does not. This may pay dividends if you ever need to medicate for other conditions, as your medical team won't need to consider as many drug interactions.

Supporting Your Family

If you live with or have a family, it's likely that your phobia affects them in some way. Depending on the scale of your fears, you may experience strained relationships. Psychology treatments that involve your family can provide them with support. Additionally, it can become easier for them to understand why your phobia affects your life in the way it does. Family sessions are particularly beneficial for children, as they're likely to need ongoing support from their parents or guardians.

When you find the right treatment for your fears, you can regain your freedom and rebuild your relationships. If you want to explore therapies, begin discussing them with a medical or healthcare professional. They can provide more information regarding psychology treatments.

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