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James Bulger chose Santa Monica to spend the rest of his days

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The famous Boston gangsterr was fo James Bulgeund dead in West Virginia Federal Prison.
The body of the 89-year-old crime boss was found in the cell in the morning, according to American media. He was killed on the very first day after being transferred from a prison in Florida.
Bulger was found only in June 2011 in Santa Monica, California.
In 2013, Bulger was convicted of killing 11 people. His criminal life served as a prototype for famous films: “Black Mass” with Johnny Depp and the film “The Departed,” directed by Martin Scorsese, in 2006 received several Oscars.
According to CBS information from law enforcement officers, Bulger was severely beaten by inmates.
According to the WFXT-TV channel, Bulger was killed a few hours after being placed with other prisoners in the prison.
Last week, the US Federal Bureau of Prisons refused to answer the question of why it was decided to transfer Bulger from a prison in Florida.
Bulger’s lawyer said in an interview with BBC: “It was an honor for me when a federal court appointed me lawyer James Bulger. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, but because of the decision of the federal bureau of prisons this sentence was replaced by execution.
According to Globe, in 2014, Bulger was transferred to a Florida prison from another prison in Arizona because of his relationship with a female psychologist, who were drawn to the attention of the prison authorities.
While the official circumstances of the death were not announced, however, the representative of the local prison labor union Richard Heldret told CBS that the murder occurred on Tuesday morning.
“This is the third murder in seven months in our prison. We lack staff, the staff is not fully staffed for about 40 people,” he said in a telephone interview.
The Penitentiary Administration officially confirmed the death of Bulger and reported that the FBI is investigating his death.
The statement does not say what caused the death, but it is noted that “prison staff and other prisoners were not injured, nor was there any threat to public safety.”
Criminal authority was arrested in 2011 in the California city of Santa Monica, where he was hiding with his beloved Catherine Greig. She is currently detained in the Minnesota Women’s Prison.