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Do you know what is called one of the most popular flash game of all time? Undoubtedly it is Bejeweled! It is a video game created in the genre of brain teaser.
Here you need to make identical stones in one row. The purpose of this game is to exchange the position of one stone with the neighbor to form a horizontal or vertical combination of three or more precious stones of the same color and form. Bonus points are accrued when the formed chain contains more than three identical stones, or when two chains are formed as a result of one exchange. Precious stones disappear when the chains are formed and others fall from the top to fill the gaps. Sometimes, chain reactions, called cascades, trigger when the chains are formed from falling stones. For them, players receive bonus points. There are two options to choose from.
Although usually players get only three stones in a row, they can sometimes get four or five in a row. And in rare cases, they can get six, seven, and even eight in a row. But in some versions of the engine such cases are not registered. You have the opportunity to receive bonuses in the form of points or special tools if you form a chain in which there will be more than three altogether.
Normal game mode
Each matching row fills the scale. The level ends when the scale is completely filled. The game ends when there are no more possible movements for the formation of chains.
Playing for time
The game starts with a half-filled scale. The level ends when the scale is full. Over time, the level of filling the scale decreases. The scale of the scale decreases faster as the level of the stage increases (and in some versions, with the duration of the level). If there is a situation where there are no more possible movements for the formation of chains, the board is cleared and it is again filled in randomly. If the scale becomes completely empty, the game ends.