Dealing with Infidelity: 3 Ways Relationship Counselling Can Help

If you are committed to repairing your relationship with your partner, either because you've caught them cheating or because they tell you that they cheated, then relationship counselling could help. Read on to find out more about how engaging with counselling sessions could help you and your partner.

Explore the reasons for the infidelity

The counsellor will be able to help you and your partner determine what the real issues are and how you can best move forward. Often, infidelity occurs for reasons which are not immediately obvious, and by taking the time to discuss what happened in the lead-up to the affair in a safe space, you will be able to unlock the underlying issues which need to be addressed.

Try out new ways of being together

Therapy can allow you and your partner to experiment with new ways of being together. Your counsellor may set you weekly tasks to complete to see if they help to bring you closer together. For example, they may suggest that you and your partner take 10 minutes each day to check in with each other and talk openly. Alternatively, they may suggest you both try to have some form of physical contact such as a hug at least once a day.

You and your partner may both feel apprehensive about trying new things such as these. However, if you both commit to the engagement of therapy and try these new tasks for a while, then you may be surprised that they open up some previously hidden avenues of communication between you, which then leads to more intimacy and connection.

Plan for the future

Counselling can also assist you and your partner in planning for their future together. Sometimes couples feel so hurt and angry at the infidelity that they just want to move on as quickly as possible. However, it can pay to take the time to plan how you move forward. This allows you to find the best path forward. To be successful at this, both of you need to agree on what this future looks like. Ultimately, counselling can allow you to work out whether you have a future together.

If you're interested in finding out more, contact a relationship counsellor today. They will be happy to talk about what counselling involves or to book you in for an initial session so you can find out if it's something you and your partner want to do.

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