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Anxiety is where one is in a constant state of uneasiness, worry and stress. It can severely impact a person's life as they are constantly filled with a sense of dread, fear and panic. This can prevent an individual from performing basic tasks such as going to work or university and also prevent them from taking part in social activities. Normally the body's response to stress is increased heart rate and breathing, and this is accompanied by the release of a range of stress hormones which keep the body and mind alert to deal with the present stressful situation. This response usually subsides once the stress-inducing situation is resolved, however in some people this state of anxiousness doesn't just go away and they are left in a constant state of anxiety.

Anxiety Counselling Services

People dealing with anxiety do not have to deal with this alone. There is a range of highly effective anxiety counselling services which are provided by qualified professionals who are experts in their field. These services use evidence-based techniques to address symptoms of anxiety. Through regular counselling, people are able to effectively manage their anxiety and improve their quality of life. The type of treatment offered depends on the type of anxiety experienced by the individual.

Types of Anxiety

Social Anxiety — This is where people completely avoid all types of social interactions with other people for fear of embarrassment or humiliation. This can be debilitating for the affected individual as social situations may cause individuals to go into panic attacks. People experiencing social anxiety are usually highly self-critical and avoid even the most basic social interactions such as being in public.

Post-Traumatic Stress  In this case, prolonged anxiety arises after some type of traumatic event such as death, injury or abuse. The sufferer constantly feels as though they are helpless and live in fear on a daily basis. Everyday events can trigger flashbacks of the traumatic incident causing the individual to feel incapacitated and unable to function normally.

Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviour — This is where anxiety causes a range of repetitive behaviours and involuntary thoughts that severely impact an individual's day to day life. Individuals affected with this type of anxiety may become obsessed with simple tasks such as cleaning or washing hands. This can even prevent them from leaving their home.

Anxiety counsellors work with their clients to identify the root cause of their anxiety. They will then tailor evidence-based strategies to the client's unique situation and needs to help them manage their anxiety.

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