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What you need to pay attention in the first place? This is definitely the Promenade. A huge crowd of musicians, artists, great shops and products for every taste. Live music pouring from everywhere, small cafes with varied cuisine. Everyone can find entertainment in this tourist place, regardless of the thickness of the wallet.
Those who are indifferent to shopping, and the world becomes beautiful only in the viewfinder window, you can give one piece of advice – the day of the weekday on the Promenade the number of idle reeling revelers is significantly reduced, so it’s better not to plan a photo hunt for the weekend.
But life should not consist only of entertainment and shopping. Visiting Santa Monica and not visiting the Heritage Museum and the Museum of Art will be an unforgivable mistake.
Cinemas of this town also will not leave indifferent. Two of them have been playing films since 1929, and you can choose films for any exacting taste – from black and white classics to a new generation of 3D. A long street along Ocean Avenue Beach will lead to the famous amusement park pier.
Chip this place – the park is on the water.
Splendid in many films the Ferris wheel, a lot of rides, forgotten goodies of childhood – cotton candy and lemonade, slot machines – all this attracts crowds of tourists. In addition to these beautiful features, the pier is the end point of the famous Route 66, which crosses all of America.
Santa Monica is considered one of the most musical towns of the coast – here endlessly there are performances of various musical groups: from jazz bands to country ensembles. In addition, this is the coastal gastronomic center – every autumn, the Santa Monica Taste festival is held in Santa Monica Pier Park, where local restaurateurs offer everyone to taste their signature food and drinks.